I have done many readings world wide, while on the International Psychic Line, resulting in being a five star Psychic.  I have run many Psychic circles helping people to bring out their own Psychic abilities.  I have done extensive platform work at many Spiritual Churches around Australia and Britain.  I was awarded the Hall of Fame by The Australian Psychics Association in 2014.  I am a member of The ‪International Spiritualist Federation, and see many things as I do a reading.  I don’t just read the Tarot cards as they are.  I am a Psychic Tarot reader, picking up many things from my ability to see much more and pick up many messages from beyond.

I have been a Psychic for as long as I can remember. Mostly all my relatives have been through the centuries, some being burnt at the stake for practising “witchcraft” at that time in history. There has been healers and clairvoyants through out my whole life. I have sat through, and conducted many seances for years. When this is done, you give out a massive amount of energy to bring through someone’s relative. This is especially true when people in the circle can see the ghostly outline of that Spirit on your own body. Also, as this is happening some of the others in the circle will experience a feeling of coldness or not feeling as well as they should because they pick up, depending how Psychic they are, of the illness that the Spirit passed over with. Correct care must be taken to cleanse the aura after this séance is done to ensure that the people participating in the group session are relaxed and feeling before they leave.

I have taught many people to see auras, and also how to develop their own skills as a Psychic. I have given lectures at many Spiritual Churches for quite a lot of years, and advised many people on the different aspects of what to expect at Psychic circles. People sometimes tend to be greater healers than clairvoyants, and this is usually their forte in life. This is what is expected of them in their journey through out their life. Our lives are one constant learning lesson, and if we don’t finish our learning when we pass over, then we will have to learn it in the next life. Sometimes we bring our fears and doubts with us into our new life, and then these have to be dealt with accordingly. I have done past life readings where someone is afraid of water, or fire, or certain insects, only to find that a distressing situation was during their past life caused them great anguish. This was not resolved then, so, it came into their new life as a phobia or a great fear.

Someone may have been a cruel and savage person to others less fortunate than they were, then into their new incarnation they may be treated as they were treating others. They have their lessons to learn.

There is a lot more to being a Spiritualist and Psychic, and the Spiritual World, than merely someone asking if they will meet “Mr Right” at their friend’s birthday party.


M.A. Parapsychology                                   Ph.D. Parapsychology
M.A. Metaphysics                                         Ph.D. Metaphysics
Dip: Holistic Counselling                             Dip: Professional Tarot
Dip: Tarot and Cartomancy                         Dip: Mediumship (Certified)


International Spiritualist Federation
Australian Spiritual Alliance
International Psychics Association (Awarded 2014 Psychic Hall of Fame